Comment: I understand you this time. I

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I understand you this time. I

I understand you this time. I wasn't being facetious; I really couldn't figure the point of what you were saying. No offense intended.

I want to make it clear that our government isn't "we", it is "they". THEY are going around acting like a bully. If the police threw you in jail, and "we" are the government, you'd have to believe that you put yourself in jail, or that every American put you in jail.

I agree with you, Americans should give their loyalty to the constitution, and their country -- not to the politicians. Rand Paul says that we should treat the defense of Israel as our own.

It is time for the many good and loyal Paul supporters, who feel that they are doing the right thing by transferring their loyalty to the son, Rand, to realize that Rand has betrayed what we saw in his father, and needs to be rejected.