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Comment: Before I recognize there is any relevance

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Before I recognize there is any relevance

Before I recognize there is any relevance for a so-called "pro-choice" thinking camp, I'd like to know about someone who ever had a chat with a woman (friend or relative) with whom the conversation went along lines alike:

"Hey, what's up?"

"Oh, not much... oh no, sorry... Almost forgot! I had an abortion yesterday! Was great! That felt sooo good! Finally got rid of the sucker! Plus, I could watch it happening "live" on the monitor, all the way thru! Super cool. Oh, yes, I feel so hyped up, now!" Etc, etc.


the latter, same (woman) able to have AS MUCH "feel good" recollections ... just 10 YEARS AFTER that event (and a few more occurrences).


Okay, fair enough?


Till then, HOWEVER, here's my opinion on whether it's a good idea or not to try resolve "the abortion society issue" exclusively in terms of the Law, either way, or... if there ought to be (MAYBE) something else to be considered AS WELL:


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