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GMO crops are not regulated

only organic food is highly regulated to keep them very expensive! If I want to sell organic beef I must ship the cow to an approved USDA slaughter house that slaughters thousands of beef for commercial industry. This could be hundreds of miles one way, Then I must pay for special handling of meat requested by packer. Then I must go pickup the beef from the packer.

The USDA inspectors used to travel to small town packers for the organic farmers, but not any more. What has changed? Monsanto toke over Agriculture over 20 years ago, changed system to a fascist system to screw the little guy.

Since the organic beef just went down the same line as the other dirty beef I must assume ecoli bacteria lives on my organic beef also. BTW when I was a little boy I watched my dad eat raw hamburger sandwiches several times and never got sick. It was common place back in the 50's and 60's to eat raw hamburger, no one ever got sick from it.

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Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe