Comment: Not only a virus

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Not only a virus

but also a nerve agent, Clothianidin guaranteed by the seed companies to kill every insect that crawls under the earth or flies over. The EPA also states the farmer must cover all seeds planted because one seed is all it takes to kill birds.

Then there is the BT gene that doctors in Canada have found living in the gut of 95% of the pregnant women tested. BTW Monsanto was sure to shut down that little experiment as soon as it started.

Lets not leave out Antibiotics used as a genetic marker so Monsanto can Identify their genetic material spread by wind. This is used to sue the pants off of organic farmers that have never grown any GMO's!

So now we can see a super healthy GMO loaded with lots of viruses, bacteria, antibiotics, and a nerve agent pesticide to boot!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed