Comment: Is religion a prerequisite to morality or a workable framework?

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Is religion a prerequisite to morality or a workable framework?

is religion a prerequisite to morality or a workable framework to that end?

Simple answer: no. Not a prerequisite. Not mandatory, anyway. It may help, or not at all. Refer to the various sorts of non-thinking bigots. Those are to be found in all religions, at some point, I suppose. It's usually people who don't want to be free, they prefer their cozy obedience and dependence (to someone or "something" - like the state/gov't).

Elaborated: I was an "atheist" before looking for, and finding faith. Or more exactly, I didn't care much whether or not that Christian thing and God would make any sense.

But I had solid basic moral grounds ALREADY. Credits go to my parents and the education they gave us.

Then I researched for myself, while having various life experiences - failures, successes, misfortunes, and blessings - like anybody else. That was decades ago.

Thus, faith (in Christ) will be with me till the end, now.

My views on Christianity and its purpose/benefits? I can cite many, but the best piece which sums it up is my favorite parable - The Wise and Foolish Builders - it's all about understanding what it means (the parable) and living it (thru our lives). That's what Christ brought me the most precious, I'd say.

As for Ron Paul, Liberty, and Constitution restoration, it's much more recent: found out about it 2 years ago only! (fresh immigrant here)

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius