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You are correct sir!

Sorry it took so long to respond.

That promise was specifically for the Lisbon treaty. A couple of other countries did hold referendums for the Lisbon treaty but were told to hold them again when the 'No' vote won.

The treaty had to be ratified by all countries so a no vote should have got rid of it just like the French and Dutch referendums stopped the Lisbon constitution.

The Lisbon constitution got changed to the Lisbon treaty after it got voted down so the EU commission (the unelected monopoly of force) could try ram it through with a different name. France and holland didn't hold referendums as they knew that it would be voted down by the public.

The 2009 treaty was a 'shower of shit' that we didn't get to vote on.

It wasn't a referendum on the EU so sorry for my mislead. It wasn't intentional. I was just pointing out that we keep getting promises for referendum with our MP's changing their mind when they get in power.