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I admire all who seek truth.
To insult someone, implying their choice to pursue what they perceive as an injustice as being 'stupid' speaks of a lack of emotional maturity. For some reason, youth [God love them] always seem to resort to slinging insults such as, "stupid", "looser" and a few with profanities.
If you are attempting to control another person, it is because you think their wrong decisions would affect your life. For a solution, you will first have to change a few of your beliefs. Your belief of - you know it all, others are always wrong, and everything should be based on your decision - needs to be broken. You have to realize that everyone has a life of their own, and they are free to live it as per their own thoughts and perceptions. By forcing your thoughts on them, you are only being unfair.
Many here have more than likely worked their 'arsses' off to a larger degree and for a longer period of time. If they have or not, they are still entitled to voice their opinion in a free society. To ferret the truth from a myriad of lies is an innate and admirable quality of the thinking man's cognitive reasoning skills. To share information helps the process.

Thank you Mr Raceboy for your work promoting Liberty. We need you and appreciate your time and dedication!

Thanks to Michael, this is an open and free speech forum.