Comment: Let's Move Forward

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Let's Move Forward

This is an important video called Project Sandy Hooked Explained.
Yes, they want gun confiscation--every tyrant needs to disarm the populace, but more specifically, what they want is confrontation. They want us to resist and revolt and they want us to make it bloody. So can we at least try without Civil War, without the blood??

One major solution has arrived and it was quick (very). What we need to do is to take it a step further immediately. Emergency State legislation protecting our 2nd Amendment has already been passed in many states, specifically stating we will not comply. We can protect our whole constitution this way. The key is to pass STATE legislation to REMOVE any STATE Senator presenting unconstitutional laws, bills to the house floor etc. There will be no voting on that bill and that state representative is NOTIFIED--FIRED--SACKED--REMOVED--UNEMPLOYED and charges filed as necessary. Until we do that we are not holding The Congress accountable for destroying our constitution. In fact protecting the constitution should be their NO.1 purpose, it's their job.
When you get fired from any company, you clean out your office, desk, gather personal belongings and leave, no more paychecks. What happens after that in court etc. might be months down the road. It is obvious that we can't go on anymore signing petitions, phoning congress, asking for consideration, etc, on matters not up for debate. It just doesn't work. We are the fouth branch of the government--The People. Let's do our job.
How else are we going to say that our Amendments and Bill of Rights are not belonging to the congress or the president?--if you don't like them, leave the US. These are OURS and should be secured by us by not complying, and never allowing changes made by traders. The traders must be removed.

The biggest problem to consider then is a replacement and method of replacement to a sacked senator. What happens when someone dies?? or becomes ill? or quits like that guy elected in Nov. who decided that a $400,000 income is better than his skimpy $170,000 government paycheck. They seem to replace people without an election.