Comment: you guys are judging the decision of whether to have an ally

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you guys are judging the decision of whether to have an ally

based on the degree of atrocities that occured under their jurisdiction? so why not ask what atrocious incidents muslims in the gaza strip has done to their own women or other groups? if you're going to argue for 'no allies' based on George Washington's advice 'No entangling alliances', do just that, why the hell are you talking about what a country is doing that is atrocious?

not a single country in the world has an untainted past, including our own. the hypocrisy is sickening.. we should judge israel by asking the people of gaza? as some people below suggested? i'm sorry but since when the fuck are acts of immorality conducted around the world our business? if that's the case, why aren't we invading africa and russia right now? should we ask what other muslims there have done to their own people as well to pick who should be our ally? fucking thread full of sickening retards. if you don't want to be world's policemen, at least understand what the hell that means, not just say it because US policy isn't helping your preferred side, because you're originally from palestine or where the hell ever

if in a strange twist of fate israel and other muslim's place had been reversed and Ron Paul were arguing non-interventionism that would end up hurting muslims, i wonder if half of you would even be here.. fuck disgusting