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Your rationale doesn't hold water


People are FORCED into national health care!

If health care is mandated by the state, they own your body because of statements such as yours. They will start the elimination process with the consent of all those not affected by the rule until no one is left to stand up for rights. The 2 wolfs and one sheep will decide what's for dinner by vote. Overweight a bit Jill? I hope not because a thin sheep may not stand a chance in that vote and a nice fat sheep might as well bend over and kiss big plump rear goodby.

That mind set would only hold water as being 'fair' , not constitutional, but 'fair' in your argument if in the beginning they were open and honest about their agenda. If they made everyone have a health exam and do tests. Then if over 20#'s over weight, [ obesity kills more people] drink alcohol to excess, do drugs, are diabetic from an unhealthy eating habits, high sugar consumers, or perform any dangerous act putting their health at risk. Charge them to the point of not affording food. Do you really think they are worried about your health? It's CONTROL !
Wish I still had the video on a guy ordering pizza on the phone for home delivery in the NWO society. It was a riot. [2008]

The next step is not going to be what you think, going after alcohol consumption. It's their agenda to go after fat people, not that the alcohol consumers will be overlooked.. They started with the children. The NWO plan started a test using Georgia. In Georgia the 'nurse' was to do a strict pinch test for fat on all students. If they flunked the test, the parents were to be held responsible and there would be legal action although the extent, be it jail or fine, was not disclosed. The phones were melting at the Governor's desk. He decided to not continue the NWO agenda.......... for now.
It is on their agenda to go after fat people next! This is the problem when you give your body to someone else.

You no longer are free for if someone cannot have control over their own body, what freedom do they have?