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Comment: I learned this first hand.

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I learned this first hand.

I called the Sheriff after suffering for months being forced to drive by a neighbors pasture where he put sick animals out to die.

First it was some starving cows and a horse that would not eat save a fence post top. He would just gnaw away at that post day after day, starving until he was no longer there. Finally when the rain came the cows had enough to eat. Then they were taken away.

Then there were another set of cows that ate the grass down to stubble during dry season and they were consequently merely skin and bones. The neighbor had called the Sheriff twice before me.

So I called, trying to be anonymous. The deputy repeatedly called my number and threatened me that if I did not give him my name and address I would be in a heap of trouble. I reluctantly gave in. He zoomed directly to my home where I was burning out of season. I am of the proper gender to know how to burn a safe fire. : ) I pretended to be doing yard work far away from him and had my step mom talk to him. He was pushing her trying to get past her to come after me. He was enraged because of my reluctance to give my information and because of the fire. He called the fire department and had them come to put out my tiny safe fire. Thank goodness my step mom was there or he/I may have done something stupid. I will never call the Sheriff again. Not for a burglar, not for a rapist, not for anything.

Ironically the fire kept smoldering for months until a great wind got it going again. It raged out of control from the unburned brush. I had to call the fire department. Luckily they believed me that I had not done it. Since they came out once they were to charge me if I did it again.

The same Deputy nearly killed my neighbor as well. He refused to allow a flight for life helicopter land in his vacant pasture because it was a 'no helicopter zone'. A friend called the neighboring county's Sheriff to override his stupidity.

And that's my long story and I am sticking to it.