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If the hitman were not willing to commit the act, I think few who would hire him to commit it would actually carry out the act on their own.

But this can easily disproved. If what you say were the case, then how is that people commit murder themselves?

I believe where we truly despair in our difference is that you believe the killer is solely responsible and I believe the one who orders the killer is mainly (not solely) responsible.

In regards to military, soldiers do not commit acts of murder until told to do so. If they'd never been given an order to do so, they'd never have committed murder. Does that absolve them from the crime of murder? Absolutely not, but again I say, the murder would never have taken place had they not been commanded to do so.

Soldiers undergo brainwashing or indoctrination while in the military. They're essentially cut off from friends, family, and the outside world.