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I'm always smiling outdoors

I'm always smiling outdoors :P ;)

Bah. I don't care how many times they camera-shot me. I don't care what they know about me. I DO care about them not missing a tiny bit of what I think of them. Of what I think of their sustained destruction of our (yours) rights.

I know the collectivists' schemes, and governmental leeches they breed all too well and their frauds that work only with the gullible.

But I feel for the american people who aren't familiar yet with these horrors and infamies. It will be tough for some of you.

That's the ultimate goal of TPTB:

put EVERYBODY in their spreadsheets. Once and for all. Food, energy, time, locations. And how your sweat is consumed (by them).

The government is going to do everything they possibly can to provoke violence from among the non-obedient who's had enough. To crush those, with the help of the obedient and useful idiots.

Classic PTB subversion scheme.

We'll have to outsmart that, that's all.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius