Comment: There is no situation so dire that calling 9-1-1

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There is no situation so dire that calling 9-1-1

won't make it worse. I mean, if your life is on the line and that is your only hope, dial. But know that your family will be harassed, demeaned and traumatized by the responders.
It is a revenue agency now. If they can find someone, anyone, to arrest, they will. And if there is nothing illegal going on, they will arrest anyone who has displayed more emotion than the cop likes. See a baby fall in the lake? Better just jump your silly ass in and save it. Call 9-1-1 and you are likely to get a bunch of guys who respond and decide it is not safe for them to get in the water. If you decide to jump in then, they will physically restrain you and arrest you.
It breaks my heart, my husband was a paramedic years ago, and it was starting even then. The old guys would run put their life on the line every day, the young guys were well trained in safety...

My county is huge, mountainous and mostly dirt roads. There are 3 men who patrol it. I raise chickens. Every time the hawks start to circle, I keep an eye out. I have never fired a shot at them, but they have never gone for a chicken. If they come after the chicken, I will fire at them. So.... shall I call the Sheriff every time I see a hawk circle? Mind you, I don't want to shoot a hawk, I want to fire at them the FIRST time they go for my chickens though.

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