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World view

Born and reared here in US of A but have traveled extensively. When traveling, care nothing for tourist sites but concentrate on learning about the people, their culture and form of government. Never travel in herds but get a cab with an English speaking driver to take me where I want to go while I ask questions of him. People are delighted that you are interested in their country and open up quite a bit.
Other than an extremely hateful verbal attack by an obviously menopausal German woman while in Central America as to why I [personally?] didn't stop my country's march toward another Nazi Germany, all were polite, friendly and open with their comments.
If they are aware of the oncoming world order, they are looking to us to 'fix' it. Expect us to lead the way. Were hoping Ron Paul would win the presidency.
If unaware, could care less about anything that isn't affecting them personally. [As it is here]
The English I met seemed to embrace socialism with glee but know some who are as freedom loving as we are. Seemed the socialists out numbered the freedom lovers.
The Greeks are freedom loving people, proud of their government. They did not want to join the EU!
They held out as long as they could.
Those who disagreed with some of the policies of our government, did not hold a grudge against the American people. Were kind, hospitable with the exception of the one woman mentioned above.
Never in Australia or the Orient.
Although there often, the French in Paris really don't talk to anyone unless you speak French...fluently. There, don't have a clue.