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Eh, not so much.

We still use a credit union and are aware that we are well tracked, but we actually recently made the decision that we are moving to cash only, and live in an area where even if they outlaw cash, we will be able to get what we need. We have seen this coming for years and have been getting ready to make the leap to total self reliance. We are doing it very slowly, trying to get exactly what we want. We have had "practice" aquaponics systems for a couple years, been gardening for even longer... on short notice, we could hunker down and live. I'm not pretending it is any kind of bunker, if they come looking to kill me they will. But I "disappeared" from many electronic trails already, and fully intend to further decrease my e-footprint.
Enjoy my pearls of wisdom while you can, probably within the year I will become an occasional DP lurker... lol!
I expect this to become my most upvoted post ever... ;)

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