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Hundreds of thousands of conservative women help foster and take care of unwed mothers with no families and help them through their child birth and through their child bearing years and they do it for free and out of the goodness of their hearts and are doing this in all 50 states.
The husbands of these women allow this and help financially as much as they can.
so I dont know where your post came from and is simply drivel.
The 50k member churches in the deep south, many of them make pregnant women not wanting to abort- THEIR MAIN MISSION to help and take care of.

and so you know.
Ron Paul would never accept medicare or medicade from poor unwed mothers on gvt assistance. He told them this was "other peoples money, stolen from them by gvt" and would not accept it. so what did he do?
He would service them for 9 months and deliver them FOR FREE and even include follow up visits- and did this often.
It was a running joke in our district, at one point- that "ron had delivered half his votes by hand".
Rand Paul does the same exact thing in his district in his eye care office.
so I dont think you know the goodness of people in this country and what folks do for unwed pregnant mothers and should probably keep your trap shut until YOU KNOW what youre talking about.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016