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Comment: Your point is not confirmed by my statement.

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Your point is not confirmed by my statement.

And you have only addressed part of my statement.

If, as you say, "Language is important; and if we begin to apply adjectives properly, it would go a long way to discouraging participation in the State's murderous endeavors", then why are you not addressing the guilt of those who have been put in charge of carrying out the agenda of the elite', those who are acting for Obama; those who gave the actual orders to kill? To me, THEY are responsible for the actions of the underlings they have ordered to commit the murders. Those brainwashed underlings are only following orders.

As I stated above, that's where parental responsibility must come into play. We must teach our children well! We must teach them to stay out of the military in the first place, and why.

You said, "I think if we call Obama a murderer, but hesitate in applying that term properly to those who actually commit the act for which we want to hold Obama to account, we are not addressing the problem honestly. This will only further enable the societal slide into oblivion."

If we followed YOUR argument to its logical conclusion, then it would be the parents' fault the orders to murder were carried out.

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
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~ Ron Paul
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