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Math at the level of addition and subtraction is irrefutable.

If human beings could make Pyramids before oil, electricity, mass production, and Common Sense Liberty (Don't Tread on Me), then there is a mathematical increase in productive capacity that can be explained with very simple accounting methods.

Of course there are very simple accounting methods that account for where all the productive capacity goes and it is all denominated in the one money used for Federal Income Taxes, the same single money produced by The Federal Reserve.

The math is understandable by 10 year old kids, easy, when the practices of accounting are laid out in full view from the official records, so long as they remain accessible for accurate review by anyone asking for those accounts that are recorded by the officials.

That is not the problem. The problem isn't the fact that there is an abundance of productive capacity, or wealth, the problem is an abundance of lies that intend to, and effectively cause, each person alive to have someone else, a counterpart, at their throat.

Roughly one third of the population has to be directly targeting and fighting roughly on third of the population in their field of vision, while roughly one third of the population is stabbing that third in the back, in a false merry go round of epic proportions, and no one is allowed to question the official lies.

Unless someone does, like this fine Gentleman Walter Burien.

The math won't be questioned, because the math is the official record, so far (I don't know how much of the accounting is being changed because of the exposure done by Walter Burien), but the side that Walter Burien is on will be the focus of attention instead of the math.


So as to keep fighting against each other, there will be sides, names, affiliations, left leaning, right leaning, socialist, capitalist, liberal, conservative, whatever, and why?

Why not just focus on the obvious flow of productive power flowing from those who earn it to those who steal it and then those who steal it use the stolen loot to steal more, here it is, in black and white, here is how much is being taken, here is where it is going, right here, here, here, and there is where it is being used, or held, or unused, and that is one set of the two sets of books.

There may be three sets of books, but here are two sets of official books.

Simple math, and if people can set aside their axes to grind, from the left, or the right, for a moment, and just focus on the simple math, and then know that there is, in fact, in documented fact, an abundance of power available, in our own capacity to produce wealth, store wealth, use wealth, to MAKE MORE WEALTH, then the obvious question arises, as to WHY.

Why do we allow these people, this person, this person, this person, here they are, they own this, they own that, here it is, right here, these dollars go here, these dollars go there, on the second set of books, they have all that power, so why, why do we continue to allow that power to go to them, instead of allowing that power to be under our exclusive control as we see fit since we earned that power?

If the obvious answer happens to pop into more than a few heads, and the obvious answer spreads like wild fire, and enough earners of wealth say, hey, the answer is obvious, we have been had, we have been incredibly remiss, we have be stupified into abject belief in falsehood without question for too long, then the next step, obviously, so obvious a 10 year old can see it, the next step is to do what, exactly?

Stop paying the liars so much for lying.

The second set of books are crimes in progress called fraud.

The frauds prefer to call the crimes they are perpetrating by names that do not sound so criminal, and who can blame them?

The frauds are not going to stamp the official stamp on the "Budget" account with the letterhead "Fraud Account", because the victims would smell a rat if the criminals were selling bare naked fraud, in your face criminal lies. How many "reasonable" people take one look at the first version of "The Biggest Game in Town" video by Walter Burien and upon viewing that information the viewer, how many people, be honest, how many people just can't believe it?

How simple can it get?

The people who steal government power and use that power to commit fraud are keeping two sets of books.

Their victims follow suit, it is called tax evasion when the victims do the same thing that is done by the so called "government".

One set of books is accurate because it has to be accurate in order to do business. In business things have to add up.

So the so called "government" keeps those books and they are called a fancy name, to help keep those books out of view by the so called "public" (which is code for victims).

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.


The second set of books are "for publik consumption" and the second set of books have an accurate name and a false name.

Accurate name: Fraud in Progress

False Name: Budget Report

If the "public", so named, (tax payers or victims is the accurate name), if the "public" is shown the NUMBER, one NUMBER, of Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) accumulated by "the government", then the "public" is not going to be inspired to pay more taxes, when the NUMBER is a very large number.

Hey you (says the criminals running so called government)

What (answers the mark, the target, the victim, the tax payer)

Pay me more money, now.

How much money do you already have, whereby you now need more money from me?

Well, says the criminal running government, we are broke, all of us are in this together, you know, so, hey, pay up, we are broke.

Ok, well, since we are broke, all of us, we are broke, well, of course, here you go, since we are broke, here have some more of the power I earn, since we are so, so, so broke, and all.

It is fraud, and when it is institutionalized, for so long, then the victims climb on board, and become criminals too, since, well, we are all in this together.

A so called tax evader will have two sets of books, because it is necessary to stay in business, especially during the down cycle, so one set of books is "not for the IRS", but it is the set of books that is used to operate the business, so it is accurate, and the other set of books are "for the IRS", and it is not accurate.

So, sure, we are all in this together: crime in progress.

Why does simple math, so simple a 10 year old knows how it works, why does simple math go over so many heads?

Too many people have a vested interest in keeping The Biggest Game in Town going, as far as they want to see, because the truth is too much work?

The frauds in government are confessing these days, let alone being caught red handed, the frauds are now in our faces as ruthless, torturing, mass murdering, sociopaths, psychopaths, baby murdering human monsters, in our faces, and all enough people have to do, to stop it in it's tracks, is to stop paying the criminals so well for their lies.

When enough is enough, the crime in progress will end.

The criminals know it, and they are moving out of town.

The criminals in government are very busy stealing everything because they know the game is up.

The criminals in government are crashing their own system, and if We The People don't wise up, and retake control over our own Productive Power to Earn, then a "better" system will be replacing The Biggest Game in Town, and that "better" system will follow World War III, and that "better" system will be run out of Asia, and The World Reserve Currency Fraud and Extortion Power that was The Federal Reserve/IRS, will be as bad to us as The Federal Reserve/IRS was to the long, long, long, list of "Third World" countries destroyed by those same criminals and their replacements - as time goes by.

The root of this pyramid scheme is at the top, and this pyramid scheme branches out to each State, each County, each City, with few exceptions.

The criminals have taken over, and it is simple math, easy to account, factual evidence proving the case, in each case, as the criminals kept (and still do?) two sets of books.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (accurate account)

Budget Report (In your face Fraud in progress)

What is the problem folks?

Brain dead?