Comment: What's the point of that?

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What's the point of that?

People who demand organic have lables. Why do you or them need to make your lable anything thing more than a proud statement of your product as is 100% ORGANIC. Is that not good enough for a sale? Isn't that what the market is all about? SALES.

Wouldn't you be concerned that people might be put off by a GMO anywhere on what they eat even with the pre-NON?

And why don't you agree with the GMO and Monsanto, that the addition of NON-GMO is not to identify your product better, but to discriminate.. why employ your product to a war, rather than simply allow it to heal those who appreciate it for what it is already?

I don't see it as "free market". I see it as political and not helping people choose 100% organic because it says Non-GMO. 100% IS non-GMO.

I do not believe that Ron Paul would end GMO because it is the bulk of our food, people would starve being there is not enough certified organic to replace the GMO, and a free market allows for GMO.. CHOICE.. you may not like GMO, but there are people who love it.. so taking it off the market id not a free market.

Let's take another product for example.. clothing made in the USA. If clothing made in the USA is important to a consumer, they are already looking for a USA lable. Correct? So if the manufactorer wants to lable his clothes, "Made in the USA NOT China". You don't think China would take offence, after all, there are many nations selling clothes in the USA besides China.. just as there are other non-organic foods, GE, transgenic (animal genes) and so on..