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GMO crops are HIGHLY regulated!

GMO is a very general lable when it comes to "frankenfoods".. the crops are regulated where they are grown, how they are grown, what pesticides and fertilizers (usually sold by the company that provided the seed, which Monsanto is the biggest, but not the only company.. You think Monsanto os going to allow the farmer to use some other persticide than what they are selling??? Water is regulated, tested, certified by the government even on private wells producing any agriculture to be consumed by the public. To think the govenment is not regulating and deep in bed with GMO is to be mistaken and underestimating the long arm of government. NO ONE gets a free ride.

Beef.. there is organic grain fed, GMO grain fed, grass fed, GE grassfed, organic pastured, GE pastured, and those fed meat products. 100% Certified ORGANIC beef is available.