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Depends on how old you are

I am relatively young still so I am not worried about having to live without social security. It's math. Math is a universal constant.

Live within your means and start saving now. Forget about SS, pretend it's not even there (because... well... it's not). I understand if you have been counting on SS your whole life, it is not as easy as pretending it's not there, but there are still tons of ways to live cheap.

First, tell your doctor to eff off. You do not need half of the crap he/she tells you that you need anyways. That should save you some $.

Then remind your children (if you have them, I do not plan on it so this all on me) that you brought them into this world. That is all you have to say, that should save you some money also.

Garden garden garden garden garden. I am not even necessarily talking about a huge sprawling garden (although that would be preferable), you can do a lot of gardening inside even in smaller living spaces. Seriously, this can save you tons of money. Also, eating healthier will save you money on medical problems that will go away.

Cut your cable and internet. I would go as far as to say cut your cell phone, but most people I know say I am a bit extreme when it comes to what I will and won't pay for.

You do not need new clothes or shoes. Clothes are clothes, shoes are shoes. They are irrelevant. This might sound petty, but really you can save a lot thinking like this.

If you must have an additional income there are tons of ways to make extra money. I teach a SAT prep class 2 nights a week at the library. I started out volunteering, but it eventually grew into a paying gig. It does not pay much, but I do not need much because of how I live. Make something and sell it online. Do some freelance writing or something. I think someone below mentioned something about rental properties. My parents have decent success with this. Personally, I think it would muddy my finances with things like loans and dependency on renters, but it is not the worst idea either.

Forget the word need. There is little you need in this world, and money is not one of the things you need.

Good luck.