Comment: Against all Drafts

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Against all Drafts

I'm a huge believer in Men are men and women are women, Viva la deference
The goal of this world order is for all between the ages of 16 and 65 owe time for the good of the many. It falls under "Community Service" for which we will all HAVE to "volunteer" by signing your name In the small print states you will do this or that in your community UNLESS we are at war in which case all between 16 and 45 will be in armed forces, man. woman and child. The elderly will be baby sitters.
How do I feel about it? If our freedom is at risk, I would do whatever I could to help. If a 'just' war, you need no draft, people would volunteer. That's REALLY volunteer.
As far as drafting period? No way!
As far as drafting my son? No way !
As far as drafting my daughter? No way in hell !
I'm sure there are women out there who could take on a man physically in battle, but few.
Just as I'm sure there are young girls out there who THINK they are equal to men physically but aren't.
What, pray tell, would the troops be fighting FOR? Freedom? Hardly, that's being taken away domestically. To protect your home? Crap, for many that's been repossessed. To protect your mother, wife, children? Nope, they will be out there in harms way too!