Comment: Make no mistake...

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Make no mistake...

The people he speaks of and the ideology he fought against which has found its way to the average homes in America AND the people now espousing those beliefs.. ARE our enemies.

They didn't try and oust communism like they did for no reason...

Now years later.. we have all but failed. We have a Marxist in the whitehouse.. Globalism at our doorsteps.. The average American buying into socialistic ideals... and we're the enemies, the Patriots, in our own nation.

It has happened not just here but all around the world because we have been complacent and we have been too weak with passivity to do what has become all but inevitable.

Maybe it's time to finally listen to "us" "conspiracy nuts" for a change, instead of pushing back on every single issue with your normalcy bias's, only to find out later that it was truth.

Finding out later is too late.

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