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How is Israel our ally?

There are many things that Israel has done *to* the US (spying, selling our military tech, influencing our FP, dual citizenship, USS Liberty, among others), but what exactly have they done *for* us? Has Israel even so much as signed a treaty with the US?

IIRC, in another thread your reasoning before was because they have "western values", Israel is automatically our ally against some continued Cold War against Russia. Sorry, but I don't buy it at all. If anything, we're "allied" with Israel because of their proximity to oil. Like the British Empire before us, we're over there to steal resources and cut up the land.

Which leads me to ask...what exactly are "western values", anyway? If it's the love of blowing up Arabs, and stealing land from native peoples, then yes, Israel and the US share the same "western values".

Sorry, but I'm not a fan of entangling alliances. I don't care what Israel does, as long as it doesn't involve dragging the US into it.

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