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Thank You!

I'm only on here a few times per week, so a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who up votes my posts, and allows me to send out my free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers. I can't thank you enough!

My hope is that while each and every one of you follow your heart, for many your heart will lead you to attend and join a local Campaign for Liberty group. Until the next presidential campaign (2016...whomever it is) this is what we should be engaged-in, to take back our backyards...our towns, cities, and counties. I've been involved in my county in Maryland for 14 months now, and I can't begin to tell you how much of an impact we've had on our neighbors. It is so important to hold our local elected leaders accountable, and if our own supporters are elected to positions of authority, we need to hold one another accountable. If we in uber-liberal Maryland can have a positive impact for Liberty at the local level, imagine what many of you in more conservative areas can accomplish!

And remember to make a contribution (whatever you can) to the Daily Paul!

Warm Regards,

Joe in MD