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Comment: The decade’s long propaganda program

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The decade’s long propaganda program

is working.

It seems that "scholars" these days all completely miss the point of the constitution.

While I agree that it may be worded in an obscure way to our 21st century ears, and may not have adequately anticipated our 21st century world, simply arguing against it is beyond rational thought.

It’s ridiculous to claim that since some presidents (arguably thought of as ‘great’) have ignored it, it must be right to do so, especially if you don’t simply absorb the national narrative as fact.

They miss the real objective of the constitution which was to make the federal government as limited as possible, while existing to fill a specific need.

The government should appear more like the orphan boy "Oliver", holding his bowl up "more please sir".

Instead, the government has cast the ordinary citizen in that role, and "scholars" seem to think that’s ok.

Just open the box and see