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I had seen clips of those before, but not in length like that.

Ok, I am not good with conceptualizing space, size, and scale type stuff. This is what I know. A lot of people here say UFOs are drones. I'll give them that a lot of times.... yes they could be, but there is shit in space that we cannot identify. Hence, "unidentified flying objects." I do think that these videos are a good example of possible UFOS. I also think NASA already knows this stuff. While you all get mad about the serious things in life (which makes sense), I am mad that NASA will not just tell me there are aliens so I can prepare.

I watched a documentary with Dan Akroyd called unplugged on aliens (or something like that) and he took a bunch of home videos and pictures of ufos that had been sent in, froze the frames and zoomed in on the objects best he could. There was some creepy stuff there. It gave me nightmares, because I am more afraid of an alien takeover than the Chinese, Russians or Germans.

I have seen the ufo being shot at from earth. Who knows what that was, but I don't think we should shoot at them and piss them off, we don't know what we are dealing with.

A bit off topic, but I have never been able to make my mind up on this one so I question anyone who will talk aliens with me. Do you think the moon landing was fake? I know there is tons of information both ways on it, and I have spent hours of my adult life pouring over it, it's the only thing I do not completely believe my Dad about. He says it was fake (he also thinks that the internet was created by the Illuminati to track him and he wins because he doesn't use it... so, ya know, he might not be reliable, but if it was fake, why would we fake that. Is the moon fake? Do we live in the matrix?... What's real?

Sorry, I'll stop rambling... I'll talk for hours about space and aliens. I look forward to your reply when you have a few minutes, I understand I just word vomited.