Comment: Actually this is something you do see if you live in Miami.

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Actually this is something you do see if you live in Miami.

I got caught in one of these exercises and it scared the hell out of me. I was crossing the causeway between Miami and Miami Beach in the early afternoon when out of the blue all of the vehicles around me turned on hidden police lights. Dozens of vehicles were undercover and simultaneously slammed on their brakes and blocked traffic. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, all were undercover and had flashing lights. The undercover vehicles outnumbered the civilian cars on the bridge.

I thought I was about to be in a shoot-out. My first thought was that they were pinching a drug dealer and I was collateral. I was tense and ducking my head and trying to watch what was happening. They held us for several minutes, no one got out of their vehicles, then as eerily and abruptly as it started, the lead undercover cars at the front of the blockade hit the accelerators and raced across the bridge. The other undercover vehicles around me turned off their lights, and traffic kept moving like nothing happened.

I was spooked for the rest of the day. I was trying to tell the story to my clients and they thought I was paranoid. It was real and frightening.