Comment: Well first off, being able to

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Well first off, being able to

Well first off, being able to retire isn't a right. You might just have to work until you're dead. But if you reach retirement age your expenses shouldn't be high (if you still have stuff like car payments, that was probably poor planning on your part). But social security was never created to sustain somebody's life and act as the sole yearly budget for an older person. It was supposed to be extra padding.

But if we ever got to the point of eliminating social security, that would also mean we should no longer have income taxes, payroll taxes, etc. Basically none of the fruits of your labor would be taxed away. Wouldn't you rather keep 25% of your income? Don't you think you can do a much better job of saving and/or investing it than the government? Sure some people won't save and invest. Some people will squander it away. But that's their choice; they must live with that mistake.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people want the government to take care of them from cradle to grave. They don't want personal ownership. Fortunately, we're making headway into that mindset.