Comment: NesBusted is some seriously good comedy. Seriously.

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NesBusted is some seriously good comedy. Seriously.

Fortunately, NewBusted ® does not do opera!

You cannot easily take their word at face value. It would be like denominating, "In God We Trust."

No matter. NewsBusted has irreverence for news theatre.
For the record (copy from this forum post), here are some other crazy statements by King:

  • Stephen King Publishes Vulgar Attack on Conservatives: 'Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!'
  • Stephen King: Right-Wing 'Hate' of Obama Is Like Anger That Led to JFK's Murder
  • Stephen King on NBC: Obama Like JFK, People 'Hateful' Toward Both
  • Stephen King Bashes Reagan and Republicans For Making His Taxes Too Low
  • Stephen King Mocks 'Patronizing' Rush Limbaugh, 'Crazy' 'Nutcase' Glenn Beck
  • Stephen King Knocks ‘Hollow,’ ‘Dark’ American Dream, Praises ‘Pretty' Rachel Maddow
  • E-mail Instructions: 'Hi, Noel—Stephen King Says to Shut Up and I Agree'
  • Stephen King: If You Can't Read, You'll End Up in the Army or Iraq

Stephen King's irreverent comedy is not my flavor. Yet, I do taste a vague scent of humor.

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