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Ah, it warms the heart to see so many here have taken a literary classic to heart. Are you all enjoying your two-minute hate? Done yet?

Look, I was at Tampa, and my vote was pledged by my state party rules to Ron Paul on the first round. Of course that vote wasn't least not officially. My state chairman announced my vote, but that didn't do any good.

I wasn't very happy about what happened in Tampa, no happier than most of you. I can accept that my favorite candidate didn't have enough votes to win the nomination. I can't accept that grown men and women felt obligated to pretend - like a child - that no votes were cast for him. The GOP can do better - and should.

I was in the room when the Credentials Committee ruled against Maine, and Oklahoma, and Oregon. My friends were in the room next door while the Rules fiasco was happening. I've been a part of this party since before some of you were born, and let me tell you, this just hurts. I recall that during a break in the Credentials Committee hearings that I went out into the hall and started talking with a sympathetic delegate. My words? "This is madness...this is the destruction of the Republcan Party!" I was that distraught.

I also recall that I was almost thrown out of the meetings just for talking to the "wrong" person during that break, and would have been had a friendly Credentials Committee member not interceded. I have no illusions about the specific type of hardball that was played. I have many similar stories about that convention...perhaps you have read of some of them here, perhaps others you have not.

But that convention is over and all those shenanigans were for nought. Obama won, and now we're stuck with four more years of soaring budgets and nanny-state gubbage. I know that some of you would say that Romney would have done the exact same thing. You are wrong. He would have done many of the same things but not all of the same things.

No matter. If you don't have a passport to someplace else, you're still stuck living in this county. In four more years, we all get to do this again. If we want at least one of the two candidates who will have any chance of winning in 2016 to represent us and not the establishment, we have work to do.

Calling Reince Priebus schoolyard names accomplishes nothing productive save to vent some steam, and you can do that just as well by yelling your favorite anti-Priebus phrase into your closet. There is no guarantee that the Party will do anything differently in 2016 than they did in 2012. There is no guarantee that they will do exactly the same thing in 2016 as they did in 2012, either.

This is nothing more than an offer to start a dialogue. As of the day before yesterday, he seemed interested. Of course I don't know what's going on inside that mind of his. My policy is, "Trust but verify. Then verify again!"

I do know that if we won't even talk to the GOP, there is no reason to expect them to view us as anything more than a lost cause. We can do better than that - and should.

If anything...anything at all, even just a follow-up conversation...comes of this, I'll let you know. We'll get to see in a few months whether this is all just talk or if there's something behind it.

Judge then.