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When thinking about vaccines

When thinking about vaccines you need to remember that they're NOT about "making a body healthy". They're about "making the body a tiny bit sick" in a way that teaches it how to avoid becoming HORRIBLY SICK or DYING later.

They're like exposing yourself to nitrate fumes, petroleum-based solvents, traces of lead, bruising of your hands and shoulders, literally deafening noise, risks of blindness or other injuries from flying metal fragments from defective equipment, or even being shot, so that if you face the bad guys, you have a chance of hitting your target.

Similarly with taking a martial arts class. "No pain, no gain." applies to the immune system just like it does to muscle training (but NOT joints)

Your un-induced defenses to the flu (the ones that keep you alive until the INDUCED defenses can be mobilized - which doesn't even start providing any help for several days) are in the cells themselves. They don't get activated until enough cells are affected for the body to figure out it's been invaded - by which time the disease is established. The induced defenses - the ones that react in milliseconds (but not until they've been taught what to attack, which takes days to weeks) - are in a branch of the immune system that circulates with your blood and lymph, and squeezes between cells like an amoeba. They can be "challenged" anywhere in your body that's under your skin and outside the barrier around your brain and spinal cord. If there's a chance that there might be live pathogen in the "challenge", it's BETTER to do the training in tissue that's far from the stuff they're best at attacking.

Muscles are particularly convenient when the challenge must be extended over several days, because they it takes the body a while to clean out the junk there, they have lots of blood circulating through them to contact the solution and react to it, and they work just fine with a badly irritated spot, because that's a normal part of their function.

Single does from a sealed package is the way to go. It's also already free of Thimerosal and what's typically what's available at pharmacies that also administer shots. The warning on the waiver mentions it because the same waiver is used for both single and multi-dose administration. Ask whether they have the preloaded individual doses, and to read the package insert. (Look under "how supplied".)

You DO know, don't you, that the whole Autisim-from-vaccines thing was soundly debunked? It was thoroughly researched (NOT just by drug companies) and couldn't be reproduced. Then the original research was examined. They found that it counted a number of subjects who had already exhibited autism BEFORE they were vaccinated, and was funded by trial lawyers who made their livings off product liability suits.

But feel free to avoid Thimerosal anyhow. Mercury isn't nice at all. (Have your amalgam fillings drilled out and replaced with something else while you're at it. They're giving you continuous exposure for decades at a time - enough to be detectable in your breath.)

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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.