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Your idea of restitution

must be disturbing to the wife of the murderer. Why should she have to pay?

Your argument isn't consistent. You say forgiveness isn't real, then you say it was created by political leaders as a tool to murder, rape, and steal. It has reality as a political tool? It's effective as a political tool, but has no reality?

You know a bit about it, though. It's an act, not an emotion.

I think there are plenty who would rather go to jail than forgive, so it's not the same thing as jurisprudence or punishment, which kind of erodes your argument that it was created as a political tool.

Is it possible that the act of forgiveness isn't a function of the intellect, so that's why the intellect doesn't understand it? Desire for revenge and resentment over wrongs are poisons (though the wrongs can be imaginary!). The guy murders yours wife, and is rotting in jail. How does one avoid being consumed by obsession for revenge?

People probably don't understand forgiveness until they are driven to it, and experience it. Are acts and experiences real? Not until you've had them?