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I, believe it or not, was a Buddhism "follower" to a large degree. I came to a point in life where I wouldn't hurt a bug and I meant that literally. Where I wouldn't even say a harsh word to anyone. It wasn't healthy. I came into that from a place of rage in my youth and felt guilty of it which is what drove me to search for peace to the extremes.. I realized as I got older that I needed balance and the extreme swings were no good for me.

What I am now is somewhere in the middle.. desiring both a great amount of peace while being able to express my anger to where it's not bottled up.

If you are thinking.. "Well you seem pretty damn angry to me" All I can say to that is consider that which I am angry about and look to yourself because my anger is well placed.. maybe your passivity is the problem here.

I've embraced my inner caveman, long ago.

Speaking in general of course.

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