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The first thing said had to do with wasting money. If you can understand how that is a goal by which productive power is wasted, on purpose, so as to limit power held by productive people, then War becomes the obvious brain child of those people reaching for that goal.

What goal?

To consume productive power so as to remove the power to make more power out of less power.

If productive power is allowed to reach a condition of abundance the productive people will no longer be led to believe in the need for those (false) authorities.

One of the first organizations I joined was the John Birch Society, but by that time that group was extremely careful with any outsiders, like me, working to rephrase the arguments in such a way as to make better sense out of reality.

Example: If the argument boils down to capitalism versus communism then the argument can be a self contained perpetual war that consumes all productive power until there isn't any productive power left, with the single exception of the power to produce war (and all the lies that go with it).

If there is no argument, and instead there is a discussion, concerning how to actually avoid being in that argument, then things like Common Law, Trial by Jury, A Competitive Democratic Federated Voluntary Constitutionally based (Each State has a competitive Constitution) Federated Republic, Free Market Money (again in each State, or City), and HOW TO get from point A to point B, become realized on a schedule.

Ron Paul had a basic plan that was along the lines of the three things listed as such:

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home.

Walter Burien shows how to find all our productive power, and that leads to ways to regain control over our productive power, so that we can start making more power out of less, again, instead of having all our power stolen, used to create World War III, and have a New (worse) World Reserve Currency Power dictated out of China, or who knows where: after World War III.

Common Law Non-Union Lawyers, many here, show how to retake control over our judicial system.

So what is the problem, other than actually working on the solutions?

Gerald Celente maps it all out well.

Ron Paul maps it all out well.

Jesse Ventura maps it all out well.

Alex Jones maps it all out well.

Walter Burien maps it all out well.

What are the common denominators?

Criminals took over (the beginning of the criminal take over is at least 1788 with Hamilton's usurpation of The Articles of Confederation)

Legal Power to Purchase (money) is Monopolized (world wide = Reserve Currency Power) and instead of Credit based (earning) the money is Fraudulent or "Debt" based.

Voluntary associations (contracts, agreements, etc.) are replaced with nebulous Involuntary associations (Admiralty Law, National Taxes, and the Money Monopoly Power) including the erosion of Trial by Jury (due process due everyone = based upon discovery of accurate facts) being replaced with fraud and extortion made legal or "bureaucracy".

Try spelling bureaucracy a few times. You need a Union Lawyer to spell words when the criminals take over.

So what are we waiting for: a hand written invitation?