Comment: You "should" believe?

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You "should" believe?

And to what evidence should I owe my allegiance and closed-mindedness? And to what impulse have I not had throughout my life to depressingly search you out to no avail?

I was raised in a Christian family and am probably, to what I can know of the family I have, the only dissenter, not against, but not for. I should do alot of things, but why should I give my allegiance through soul (or how I understand it) to an ultimate doctrine of authoritarian rule and sadomasichism? Why should I fear what has created me while at the same time loving it for what it has given me? Why should I isolate myself to the ideas and beliefs of one God, who actually commands that I have no other Gods before him/her? If there are no other Gods, why is the commandment to have no others above him/her necessary or feasible?

I reached reason in 2003 and I see religion as the greatest vice of our existence, not because it cannot spark goodwill and love, but because it holds that whatever belief you choose, only it can affect love and goodwill correctly; superior in it's ability to disseminate beliefs that subject all of humanity from birth to ideas we do not have capacity for (in infancy) nor the capacity to prove.

Morality is not spawn from religion solely.

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