Comment: Ah yes the control freaks

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Ah yes the control freaks

I believe this and that and we should allow this or that, but what about liberty?

The bottom line, regardless of rape, incest or any other number of reasons for allowing abortion is this very basic premise.

Once conception takes place, a unique person is created with a complete set of chromosomes and DNA that is unique to that person, this is otherwise known as personhood.

At that point in time, that person has the fundamental right to exist. No Goverment should make a law giving a person a higher right than that of another - the ability to murder someone else legally.

While indeed it is a difficult subject to say what right does somebody have to tell a women who was raped that she must go forth with the term of the pregnancy of a child she doesn't want, it is no different than putting an honest man to death in a country that allows execution. We have literally put to death hundreds of innocent people via execution in the United States. The culture of death is what is bringing this country down with wars, mass murders, suicide, etc., but the killing of 40 million unborn leads the way, 40 million people that will never no life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.