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..more like our ugly cousin.

I would be careful not to blankly support or praise Israel without at least a grain of salt.

Israels statements and actions against it's neighbors and Lebanese is nothing to be aligned with.

There are all kinds of shows, programs, and clips showing the ugly behavior of Israel (and that's putting it lightly). Some links for this are below.

If one is Jewish, they may be a bit biased and blind to criticisms of Israel.

If one is Christian, they may be conflicted with the idea that Jerusalem is no longer in the hands of the middle east, yet Israel is definitely not Christian.

Also, strictly speaking, Israel is not an "ally", and Rand didn't call them an ally.
From what I understand, the word "ally" is used in these situations when there is an allegiance, and that means more than just support. Our membership in the U.N. is more of an allegiance.

Here are some links:
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