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Excuse me.

The original post seems to try to justify government intervention in this area:

"For those who think that GMOs should be allowed to run unchecked"

I made a reply and then you replied with:

"Without the protection of government"


I jumped to the conclusion that you were somehow trying to justify government intervention and I was wrong to do that.

I have come to the conclusion that there are many ways to post on the DP, we can debate with people who are here only to waste our time, we can ideologically support other Ron Paul supporters (kind of like preaching to the choir if you ask me, btw I do it too..) OR we can correct attempts designed to divide us with the reason that supports our ideology without entering in to a debate (the truth supports its self).

I was pissed off to see this thread on the front page because it contributes to confusion among those still learning how our ideas can and will work.

Once again, please excuse me for jumping to the wrong conclusion based only on the title of your reply.

I try to change people every day. Do You?