Comment: Perhaps, but rather, I believe we just don't agree

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Perhaps, but rather, I believe we just don't agree

To me, your number one is organic, not certified organic. My huckleberrys and mushrooms are organic, but the government is not coming over to my place and certifying them, nor am I selling them; However, many people who live in this area do sell, WILD huckleberries and mushrooms and they are not certified.. being they are gathered and not produced, nor do the gatherers I know sell over $5K of products.

100% Organic is certified and labled with a USDA lable.

If your complaint is GMO employing the term NATURAL, which I have found on whole prducts.. for example.. Walnuts.. to me that means the walnuts are not irradiated or grown with petrol based fertilizers or pesticides.

In India, forbidden foods among Hindus were onions and mushrooms because the government was unable to teach it's population which were safe to eat, so they banned all. The English love of onions changed the cuisine.. but finding mushrooms in Indian food, even today is near impossible. I've never had it, but I imagine it exists.

In Mexico, when I was there for a total eclipse, staying with a friend, I was surprized to see the police going door to door to tell the people to go inside. I asked my friend why.. he said because the government does not have the ability to educate the population about the eclipse, nor the means to provide protective eyewear.. since I had the eyewear, the police allowed me to be outside.. but the entire town was forced indoors.. my point is, it is your job to educate yourself, and then supply yourself with the products you want. Today 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC is on the market. YOU have NO interest in anything else, so to say you are interested in a free market is not being honest, after all the food you eat is labled.. but rather, you are choosing to use food as a political tool, and to me, that's just as bad as Monsanto because you actually don't give a damn if people starve.. better they starve than get sick? I don't think so. So we will agree to disagree.