Comment: Your title is an impossibility

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Your title is an impossibility

I couldn't condition myself for war. Many years ago I read an article about NWO where in it Bush Jr. was asked how the population will be cut back. He replied by famine, disease and wars. Your gut feeling about perpetual wars is well founded. So many of the posts here are hitting home with my thoughts and concerns. < had to retype, was originally not concerns but FEARS. I'm not afraid. To quote my coffee cup engraving, "You Can't Scare Me, I have children."
As someone posted, the perception of our country [us] is on a downward spiral. War is such an important part of the grand scheme the gov. arrests those in peaceful march against war. We have to win the hearts and minds of those who think the wars are for our own or anyone's freedom. Sad that so many send their sons off proudly to 'serve' as cannon fodder at the whim of a foreign entity when the largest threat to our freedom is right here at home. Ron Paul was/is a great spokesman on the subject. So many subjects to cover, so many need to hear and he's only one man.