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I could care less about Mark guy.

My point with thAt article was to further show the importance of proper scientific research. Having for-profit companies do research and put their seal of approval on them, or in other words, place the future of the company on that seal of approval, is the most effective way of fullfilling the needs of consumers.

Having the fda or some non-profit ngo type hasnt and wont solve the issues you have with gmos or any other product. Gov intervention is a failure is all aspects. Why dont we look for a better solution? Create thta company and start your own labeling of non gmos based on real scientific research. It will work.

As for planting transgenics, at any point that conventional crops get a better price here we will start planting them again. It is a matter of time before the markets adjust properly nd this happens. Monsanto will no linger receive royalties starting next year. The market is open to new competition and this will greatly affect them.