Comment: "Actual value" means what it would cost to rebuild

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"Actual value" means what it would cost to rebuild

the house, in it's current form, plus the price of the land it sits on. So, yes, the actual value of my house is a couple of hundred thousand LESS that current "fair market value". The neighborhood has changed and the housing market is in the tank, making fair market vaule substantially less than actual value.

Unfortunately, current personal circumstances do not allow us to sell and move on right now. Tried to sell before my husband got sick but, could not. Hopefully, as soon as conditions change, I can sell and get close to fair market value. Not much of a mortgage lien at all, so that's not an issue, thankfully.

Thanks for the advice about going off the grid with a remote piece of property, rp4pres. Any suggestions? I don't have a clue how to go about getting off the grid.

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