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Oh all of current DNA science.

But since you believe I am your slave and am required to disabuse you of your ignorance....

As a preface, in 2000 a nobel prize was awarded to a geneticist from the University of Arizona for identifying "adamic" gene or tracable Y chromosome via DNA testing. This has been the basis for all DNA testing since to track genetics through males. Y-DNA mutates only 4% over TWENTY GENERATIONS and is extremely accurate for determining the migrations of populations over thousands of years.

Y-DNA testing has utterly obliterated the 1800s view of "race" which many people still hold today. There are no more races there are only "haplogroups".

mtDNA is maternal DNA and can mutate every generation, but is still trendable.

You can google "jewish haplogroup" (no quotes) yourself or start with these if you like

And, no, I am not jewish. I'm just not a f* cking ignorant moron.