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That's beautiful

This weekend I went on a retreat with friends, and one was talking about god, and brought up:

How does he know God exists.

Basically because he has a sense of humor. And their are two sides to the cloth. The one we see now which makes no sense and on the other side is clarity when we get to see why such things happen.

Then I was talking with a friend below the golden gate bridge and looking at the swells coming in and the full moon lighting the way and was just blown away by the circadian rhythms of the earth.

Normally I'm awake until 1 in the morning or so, and everyone went to sleep around 2100 hrs. I laid in bed for a while, until around 23:30 (which is early for me) or so and tapped out, hearing the surf crushing against the rocks and beach below, my head covered in my sleeping bag as lights were on for safety, sleeping at Fort point in a bunk.

Then I realized, I've only had severe insomnia since they took away the bubbling brooks near my house, any other time I could hear the water bubbling away and crack my window a bit and fall asleep.

The sounds of nature are so beautiful and so in sync with our bodies. Mine prefers the noise of water. It was windy too and the combination let me drift off.

This morning I had oatmeal with molasses and it was wonderful. I don't like oatmeal but with molasses, it was incredibly good.

My son and all of the other kids had a great time and ran around the fort all day.

But something touched me deep inside (not my friend who was moaning in his sleep, hehe) but it felt so good to hear the surf, and talk and exercise and feel reality, disconnect from media of all sorts.

I think I do want to move close to a river once my son is grown, even if it's cold. I feel my connection with water, wood burning stoves, and like minded people.

Personally I think everyone and everything is the big GOD. And until the eternal slumber comes and whatever comes after, I think I want to enjoy every moment.

I also noticed I'd been watching a lot of TV and sitting around too much which I think also contributes to more internal noise, from not engaging.

Anyways, very nice post.

And I am grateful for my good friends. I would rather have a few really great ones than many not so great ones.