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Take some Latin or get some education or something. Jeez.

The normal Roman way to violently apply the death penalty to subjugated peoples at the time was through CRUCIFIXION.

Normally, that occurred on a tree trunk, with or without branches with hands tied above the head and feed tied above a crossbeam.

No water and as the body decayed, the person could no longer push themselves up for air and typically asphyxiated, another extremely painful way to die.

The STORY goes that they used nails to make it especially painful for Christ. Beforehand they applied the MAXIMUM amount of pain and humiliation through various methods, more than they even applied to MASS MURDERERS who got crucified.

Was there a crossbeam put over his head? Who gives a f* ck? It was still a crucifixion. As you might surmise a literal translation of the WORD "crucifixion" means "put to death on a cross."

Get educated. Take 5-6 years of Latin and study some linguistics or something. Bottom line is, it doesn't matter. It happened one way or another Roman crucifixion style, crossbeam or no.

He was MURDERED by Romans for preaching the ideals of FREE WILL and to treat others like you would like to be treated (principal basis for the non-agression principle). For that, He was VIOLENTLY EXECUTED as if He were worse than a MASS MURDERER.

I'm astounded, as a libertarian, you don't get it, whether or not you believe He was God or not. It's still quite a libertarian story.