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Well said mbennett.To the

Well said mbennett.

To the others, no I don't fear fictional lakes of fire. No I don't want to ban bibles. Why I "care" about these things at all, is because they are the single biggest cause of modern collectivism. Basically, "your" penchant for accepting ridiculous nonsense on "faith" is the reason why humanity keeps reverting back to collectivism as our natural form of organizing. The same kind of mind who "submits" to fictional comsmic kings because of fear/guilt is the kind of mind who "submits" to criminal governments. Granted I hold the Christians on this website far above the average, as obviously you guys have at least figured out that "earthly" tyranny is bogus. Still, you're keeping the dream of collectivism alive by brainwashing your children with it.

That said; its absolutly your right to believe what you wish. Hopefully that will hedge some of the witch hunt nonsense I normally get from the more passionate of the zealotry present.