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Comment: This is getting to be a bit much.

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This is getting to be a bit much.

A couple of times a week someone is pushing the Christian agenda here. Every time they do, some people push back. When a posts doesn't toe the Christian party line, the poster gets mobbed with intolerance and voted into the floor by a Christian majority. It is repulsive intolerance for an otherwise just and united cause. There are (and were) those among us who perceive the separation of church and state as prudent protection of the minority to believe what they do without persecution or interference from others. There are countless historical precedents of the dangers of a religiously intolerant majority. Christians have been the victims and the perps many times, and have often been both.

Please, oh please, can we talk about liberty, tolerance, RESPECT for the beliefs of individuals?! We are all after all individuals first. I have found that no one here is defined by their label. Perhaps, like the Philadelphia Convention, this is not the time or place.