Comment: I suppose if you have the money to

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I suppose if you have the money to

get and install solar panels and all of the needed pieces to that puzzle, you could do off-grid where you are.

I'd look through my house too and get rid of the large energy users, like a "modern" fridge/freezer setup.. You can actually get two used deep freezers.. use one for a freezer and the other can be easily modified to be the most efficient refrigerator, you've ever seen by far. I think the report I read was about 200watts consumed in a 24 hour day.

Maybe check into steam engines and grid tie-ins too. You can actually take a very easy steam engine converted from an IC engine and charge a battery pack as a backup for your solar.

The thing is, I could give you a hundred ideas, but would you actually make the changes and do the work needed to learn.

Also, the remote land was an alternative to your present situation. Having land like that if you have no reason to leave where you are is more or less just a vacation spot and more bills.. unless you use it as a backup bug out spot.

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